Brand History

The brand was created in 2010 by husband & wife team, Bobby & Connie (hence the fusion of BO+CONI). Bobby is a long time leather goods designer who prides himself on listening to his customers, family and friends for inspiration. He spots common needs and creates accessories to serve that need. Hence; the bags & wallets have evolved into the most organized, functional accessories you'll ever own. Connie is a renowned fitness pro (have you heard of step aerobics? She pioneered the movement in the late 80's) with a keen eye for style. This pair is bent on creating stylish, well thought-out, feature packed products. Whether it’s a weekend to the beach or mountains, a business deal in the city, a trip across country or just your daily commute you'll find yourself not only enjoying but relying on your BOCONI accessory.

When trying to pick a signature look when the brand was just a new venture, Bobby considered several patterns. When he held up the plaid option to his teenage son and asked what he thought of it his son "simply nodded, gave me the thumbs-up and raised his shirt up, revealing 2-3 inches of PLAID boxer shorts scrunched above his jeans". With a laugh, he knew he had found the signature he'd use. Since the brand was launched on the couple's 25th Wedding Anniversary, they went on to name the pattern "Plaid About You" as a play on the popular loving expression "Mad About You".