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Brentwood Christmas Crawl October 19 2016, 0 Comments

Shop local this holiday season with the retailers of Brentwood! Sixteen stores are offering special discounts, extended hours, food, drinks, and prizes during this one of a kind shopping event! Join us as we transform our showroom and office into a pop up shop. We're offering up to 50% off regular products and will have tons of samples, priced to sell! The stores participating are: 
Momma Nik's Cheesecake - Royal Bambini - Mignon's - Snooty Fox - Vignette -
Spruce - Stacy Rhodes Boutique - C'est Moi - Copper Penny - Maxi B. Home -
Hot Pink - Southern Vintage Market - Raine - Plaid Rabbit - Pear Tree Avenue
- & - BOCONI Bags & Leather
Start with BOCONI:
246 Wilson Pike Circle, Suite D
Brentwood, TN 37027
We'll get you a map of all the participating locations and get you in on the raffle so you have the chance to win a free gift from every store! Hours: 10am-8pm

Marketing with Good Grit Magazine June 29 2016, 1 Comment

The Kylie Collection, crafted of Italian calfskin and lined with eco-friendly veg tanned saddle leather, is our focus for pursing the vast women’s market. Currently the collection contains four wallet styles, each available in three colors. A new color, Acai Blue, and two bag styles are launching early July.

These bags are a must-have for traveling abroad where these thieves are especially prevalent. The Mini Bag has adjustable straps and looks great either as a shoulder bag or cross body. The Mini Clutch comes with two different detachable straps and can be carried three ways! It can be carried as a simple hand clutch with no straps, as a wristlet, and as a cross body bag.

As with all BOCONI products the Kylie Collection is RFID protected. All credit cards, IDs and passports contain radio frequency chips that leaves personal information susceptible to high tech thieves. BOCONI products contain a thin alloy blocker between the leather and linings to block these frequencies.

To promote the Kylie Collection, BOCONI has partnered with Good Grit Magazine. Our ad can be found on page 84 of their July-August issue. More BOCONI products are also featured in their Jetset Style Editorial.

Spring Sample Sale & Cookout! May 23 2016, 0 Comments

Join us June 3rd and 4th for exclusive showroom only deals! There will be free food, free drinks, prizes, and tons of amazing products on sale! All core line products will be 30%-50% off. Plus we're doing some spring cleaning so all samples are priced to GO! Perfect timing for your Father's Day and Grad gift shopping!

Preview the products we'll have on sale right here!

Can't make these dates? You can always get special deals by visiting our showroom. Just call 615-376-9688 to schedule an appointment.

In coordination with State Farm Insurance Agent: Dejuan Buford! This guy serves great insurance and even better grilled chicken! Check out his site


Spring/Summer Weekender Guide! April 15 2016, 1 Comment

Spring has finally sprung! We've prepared some tips and suggestions to help you get out and into the sunshine!
1. Head to a local BYOB restaurant (preferably a water-front one if possible)! You can still share an amazing meal with your loved ones without paying hefty up charges for a glass of wine. Keep your bottle cold on the way by transporting it in our insulated wine carriers. Or, if you're enjoying a glass in your backyard, drop in some frozen grapes to keep your wine cold without watering it down!
2. Need an excuse to get outside? Grow your own herbs and veggies. Not only is it fun and eco-friendly, but think how impressed friends and family will be when you feed them your crops! Check out the top 10 cities for urban gardening to see if you can expect a higher yield! 
3. Strip down to the essentials! Do your really need all of your loyal shopper cards during an outdoor concert or a walk in the park? No! Grab one of our weekender card cases, throw in some cash and your ID, and you're ready to go! Ladies, looking for a more feminine look? Try our women's magnetic card cases, perfect for when you don't want to be weighed down by your full wallet. 
4. Pack it all up and head out for the weekend! Nothing beats good old fashioned camping as a last minute getaway. Throw the supplies in your BOCONI backpack, grab a tent, and your good to go. You'll probably want to bring that wine carrier again...but maybe slide something a little stronger in there this time! 
5. Eat well! We're a big fan of the food truck movement, you can get culturally authentic food, healthy choices, or delicious desserts, all on the go. Since most food trucks prefer cash, be ready to pay the culinary geniuses with your cash stash wallet! You can track the location of food trucks in your city at
Happy Spring BOCONI Fans! Thanks as always for supporting our brand!

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BOCONI Brings You Nashville... Featuring Jordan Duncan November 13 2015, 0 Comments

BOCONI Brings You Nashville... Featuring Blythe Thomas September 24 2015, 0 Comments

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One Day in London September 05 2015, 0 Comments

Back in May, I spent a magical two weeks in my favorite city, a city that feels so much like home to me: London. I studied abroad there during the spring of my Junior year of college, so I was beyond excited to return.
I can’t even begin to recount two weeks’ worth of English adventures to you without exceeding an acceptable word limit for this post, so instead I’m going to describe what one ultimate day in London looks like.
(Disclaimer: This is by no means an itinerary covering the must-sees of London - Parliament and Big Ben and St. Paul's and all that jazz - but instead a description of the London that I hold dear.)

1. Break your fast at Kensington Creperie.

Begin your morning with a crepe and coffee at what became my friend’s and my go-to morning stop while we were in London. The café is bright and cozy and the hazelnut latte is life-changing (I mean that).


2. Explore the museums.

Kensington is basically museum-central, so spend your post-crepe morning exploring a few. Two of my favorites are the Victoria and Albert Museum and the Museum of Natural History. And they’re free so HOLLA.

3. Take a meander through Hyde Park.

Kensington borders Hyde Park, and it’s just one of the many parks in London that make the city so absolutely wonderful. It is especially inviting on one of London’s rare but overwhelmingly glorious sunny days. Give it a walk, enjoying the gardens and the Serpentine (which you can also paddleboat in).

4. Head to Borough Market for lunch.

My friend and I stayed in a hostel for the two weeks we were in London and met some American girls who were sojourning in the city for a couple of days. They asked for suggestions of things to do, and I immediately threw out Borough Market. They had no idea what it was. Wut! I thought Borough was common knowledge.
Regardless, this market is by far my favorite in London, because it’s a bustling food market in the heart of the City of London. And I love food, yep. Grab yourself a Prosecco spritzer and raclette – seasoned potatoes covered in a delicious melted cheese – and enjoy your goodness in the courtyard of centuries-old Southwark Cathedral while trains rumble overhead and the Shard points stoically skyward.
(St. Paul's, Tower Bridge, and the Globe Theatre are all within walking distance of Borough, so go ahead and check out those if you haven't already.)

5. Make your way to Marylebone High Street and Daunt Books.

This little gem of a side-street is right off Baker Street, so take the Jubilee Line from the Tower Bridge tube stop and alight at Baker Street and bam you’re basically right there. It features restaurants and little shops, the best being Daunt Books, a literal HEAVEN of a bookshop. You could lose hours in this place. 

6. Spend a lazy afternoon in Regent’s Park.

Within walking distance of Marylebone High Street is Regent’s Park, so bring along your new book from Daunt and sprawl out beneath a tree.

7. Wander your way to Primrose Hill.

Primrose Hill is pretty much my favorite spot in London. It’s this little lump of earth rising a few yards above the northern part of Regent’s Park. From it, you can see the London skyline spread before you with the river sparkling in the distance. Find a comfortable spot beneath the tree and contemplate all of life’s Big Questions because this is the perfect place for some heavy introspection and admiration of London’s beauty. 

8. Dine at Thai Square in Kensington.

Finish your day full circle by returning to Kensington for dinner at Thai Square. This Thai restaurant is worth the Tube fare it takes to get from Regent’s Park back to Kensington, so much so that my friend and I ate at it two nights in a row because we were so overcome by its goodness. Trust me on this one.

9. End your evening with a pint of Belgian goodness.

Find a pub – any pub, really (and there are plenty to choose from) – and order a pint of Stella Artois cidre if they have it. Oh man, that’s some goodness in liquid form right there.
Writing this is enough to have me daydreaming of my next reunion with this gem of a city. Planning a trip of your own to London? I’ll just live vicariously through you, if that’s okay. But seriously, live out this one perfect day in London and send pics, won’t you?
(Psstt... Digging the backpack I took with me to London? It's our Bryant LTE Rucksack. I mean it when I say it's my go-to for city wanders abroad. Am I allowed to pick a BOCONI product favorite? Because this is it.)

Summer Tunes: Because It's Not Over Yet August 24 2015, 0 Comments

Okay, so maybe it is the last week of August...

And maybe that means the end of summer is nigh. But we’re not ready to give up the sunshine and beach reads just yet, so we’ve created a wee playlist of tunes - some new, some simply new to us – that have scored the sounds of our summer so far. Enjoy!

Pierre // Ryn Weaver

Believe // Mumford & Sons

Nonsense // Madeon ft. Mark Foster

Tennessee Quick // Sugar & the Hi Lows

Run // Coin

She Lit a Fire // Lord Huron

Blame It on Me // George Ezra

Elastic Heart // Sia

One Black Sheep // Mat Kearney

Mother & Father // Broods

You Need This: Vizard Seasoning June 26 2015, 1 Comment

Recently at our sample sale, we were introduced to a delicious season salt made by some dear friends and BOCONI supporters, Ross and Brooke Vizard. Would it be too dramatic to label a mere seasoning salt as life-changing? Because I’m going to dare to make that claim: this mild Cajun seasoning salt is straight-up life-changing.

If interested in ordering the Nashville-made Vizard Seasoning, please contact Ross at, call 318.341.2496 or visit their Etsy shop. Supplies are limited, so order some while you can!

Below we’re sharing with you this fantastic (and easy!) recipe from our very own Connie Williams. She made it for the sample sale and it was a huge hit, especially among the BOCONI staff.

Asian Pasta Salad Appetizer with Vizard Seasoning
















1 Fresh Tortellini package

1 Grape Tomato package

Ginger Sesame Salad Dressing

Vizard Seasoning

Plastic shot glasses



1. Cook tortellini as directed, drain.

2. Combine Tortellini and dressing, enough to wet but not soak.

3. Refrigerate overnight.

4. Place 1 tortellini and 1 tomato in shot glass. Top with a small splash of extra dressing and sprinkle with Vizard Seasoning.

5. Enjoy!

He is Dad June 09 2015, 0 Comments

He taught you how to ride a bike. He helped you reel in your very first fish. He cheered you on at your baseball games, no matter how many times you struck out. He guided your knobby hands to hammer in the nail on your very own playground set. He let you sit in his lap to steer the car on a drive through quiet neighborhood streets. He led you out into the darkness to watch a meteor shower. He helped you heave that couch up three flights of stairs as you moved into your very first apartment. He lent you his arm to lean on as he walked you down the aisle. He taught you confidence, independence, and a sense of humor.
He is Dad.
This Father’s Day, celebrate all that Dad has done for you..

Great Grad Gifts... for Her! May 13 2015, 0 Comments

Behind-the-Scenes of Our Latest Shoot May 11 2015, 0 Comments

We had a great time during our photoshoot this past Friday! A huge thank you to our talented photographer Blythe Thomas, our wonderful sylists Jordan Duncan and Brian Swan, and our fantastic models Louisa Wendorff and John King.

Our morning began with coffee and pastries from Portland Brew before we started shooting at an eclectic home in East Nashville. We spent the entire morning there, stopping for a quick lunch break, before heading to our next location at an old-fashioned trailer. From there, we headed to a location along the river where we finished up with some spectacular shots with the Nashville skyline in the background. We ended the day by stopping for drinks at Pinewood Social before heading to dinner at The Pharmacy.

Below are some behind-the-scenes shots. We can’t wait to share the final photos with you soon!

5 Reasons We Love Mom May 04 2015, 0 Comments

  1. She’s the personal assistant we never asked for (but, in retrospect, desperately needed).

That important appointment you nearly forgot about were it not for her reminder text? The nagging question of “Did you remember to pack your toothbrush?” as you were backing down the driveway for a week-long family vacay giving you just enough time to run back inside and grab it? The constant reminder to clean up your room and do your homework as you were growing up that you hated but that actually instilled responsibility in you? Yeah. Thanks, Ma.

  1. She’s our own personal Hype Man*. (*Woman)

Mom is our own built-in fan club, minus the creepy fan-fic. She has this uncanny way of making whatever you’re doing sound way cooler than it actually is. “Why, yes, my child works closely with executives at one of the top production companies in the city!” (Really, you just answer phones and make Excel spreadsheets all day.) 

  1. She’s omniscient.

Like the God seated in the heavens above, she knows everything. (And we mean everything.) You know that groundbreaking epiphany you had the other day about what your life purpose was? She already knew, because she knows you better than you know yourself. Must have something to do with the whole “attend to your every need for 18 years straight” thing that gives her this sixth-sense insight.

  1. She’s a How-To Book on Life in human form.

Wait, so how long exactly does bacon last before you have to throw it out? How often should you water that potted plant you bought on a whim? How exactly do you go about applying for a loan? She’s the answer to our every S.O.S.

  1. She teaches us how to put up with difficult people.

Mom’s put up with us for so many years and yet somehow still manages to not only like us, but love us. If she can love us through our toddler temper tantrums, childhood pouting, angsty teen years, unfocused young adult era, and so much more, then we can at least tolerate that annoying co-worker in the cubicle next to us who smacks his gum and plays his early 00’s punk rock way too loud. 

Treat your Mom to a gift from BOCONI Bags & Leather this Mother’s Day. But more than anything, call her up and tell her how much you love her. She deserves it.

Great Gifts for Grads May 01 2015, 0 Comments

Win a Bastian Slimster + $100! March 31 2015, 0 Comments

Do you like winning free things? Well then, we have good news for you, because we’re giving away a Bastian Slimster. But you’ll need a little somethin’ for your new wallet, so how about a $100 Visa Giftcard? If this sounds like something you could dig, then go ahead and enter here.

The contest runs from Tuesday, March 31 to Tuesday, April 14 at 11:59 PM. The winner will be chosen on Wednesday, April 15, 2015.

You Look Good March 26 2015, 0 Comments

You look good. 

You keep up with the trends. You own the staples. You think through your outfit each morning. You know that a first impression is everything and that how you present yourself to the world matters.

Shouldn’t your bag reflect this?

Introducing the Mathews Commuter Bag, a slick briefcase made from shrunken Spanish hides, soaked and air-dried to create a completely unique look. The leather is ecologically tanned using acacia extracts – a natural tannin free of chromium or heavy metals. The bag features a gorgeous front luggage lock, adding to its aesthetic appeal. Aside from holding your laptop and/or iPad, the multi-functional bag zips completely open for use as a portfolio case for presentations.

You look good. It’s time your bag did, too. That’s where the Mathews Commuter Bag comes in.

You Survived Another Monday March 16 2015, 0 Comments

Congrats, man. You did it. You survived yet another Monday. Such a feat deserves a prize, so it’s time to reward yourself. May we offer some suggestions?


A Beer

Ah, a cold beer after a long day’s work… the epitome of a day’s perfect end. We’re super into local Nashville brews, like Yazoo, Jackalope, and Fat Bottom.

Whatever beer you favor, now’s the time to pop the top, take a sip, and savor your victory over Monday.


A Netflix Binge

Maybe not a binge, because we know you’re a busy guy who can’t afford to lose an entire day to TV. But why not grab that cold beer and lose yourself in another world for an hour? If you haven’t caught up on House of Cards yet, now’s your chance. (We basically want to be Kevin Spacey.)


A Drive

When was the last time you drove for the pure pleasure of it? A while, huh? It’s hard to beat a leisurely drive down a winding road with your favorite tunes playing and the sun shining. Take a break from the go, go, go of a hectic life and just go for a worry-free drive.


A New Briefcase

Mondays can beat you up. You know what else is beat up? That cheap faux-leather bag you bought without thought for work. Treat yourself right by investing in a bag that will last and look good, like our new Caleb Single Messenger Bag. With the right combination of rugged, authentic character, it’s the perfect way to treat yourself to an “I totally just OWNED Monday” gift.


A Book 

Too often when we have busy schedules, the first thing to go is some quality reading time. Reclaim your joy of the written word by treating yourself to some uninterrupted book (or Nook!) time. Not sure which books deserve your time? Check out the New York Times’ Book section


A Trip

To Europe, maybe? Okay, so maybe this one’s a bit of a splurge, but don’t you deserve a getaway after the kind of Monday you had? Answer: yes. If the thought of Prosecco and pasta isn’t enough to convince you to book that ticket to Rome, then maybe a reminder that the euro has fallen to an exchange rate of $1.06 will be the deciding factor. Now’s your chance to take advantage of Europe’s not-so-hot economy. Book the ticket! Do it, do it! Peer pressure!

So go ahead, take our advice and celebrate the fact that for another week, Monday is over.

Is it spring yet? March 10 2015, 0 Comments

It’s been pretty cold here in Nashville lately. In fact, last week we received a whopping 3” of snow. For those of you non-Southerners, that’s the equivalent of a shut-the-town-down blizzard. Not exactly the sun and sandals and flowers we were dreaming March would bring.

But hey, we won’t allow single digit temps to freeze out our hope for spring just yet. In anticipation of that sweet, glorious warmth and sun we know will come eventually, we’ve made a list of spring things to keep us going.

  1. Music.

We love music as - let’s face it - it’s a basic requirement in order to call yourself a Nashvillian. “Changing of the Seasons” by Irish alternative group Two Door Cinema Club came to mind as the perfect way to set a certain ambiance for this post. This song is pretty much what warm sounds like, so please do yourself a favor and click play while you peruse through this post and dream of spring.

As we know, though, the joy of music isn’t simply relegated to spring, but the joy of experiencing music outside certainly is something to look forward to after months of hibernation. We’re personally psyched for Musician’s Corner to return in May to Centennial Park, and of course late spring and early summer bring along the ever-popular regional music festivals like Bonnaroo and Hangout Music Fest in Gulf Shores, Alabama. Beach and music? That’s something we can dig.

  1. The Farmers’ Market.

There are very few things so quintessentially spring as a weekend wander through a Farmers’ Market. Nashville’s Farmers’ Market is open every single day for business and is absolutely worth checking out.

So change up your grocery routine a bit, find a Farmers’ Market in your area, and support local!

  1. Picnics.

And not just any picnics, but picnics with wine. What could be better than sipping Merlot and snacking on cheese and crackers whilst overlooking verdant rolling hills as the sun warms your back? Answer: Absolutely nothing.

We in Nashville are lucky that Arrington Vineyards – a.k.a. a slice of Southern vino paradise – is a short drive away. Arrington boasts a wide range of wine, including reds, whites, and desert varieties. Not sure which one to go for? That’s what a tasting is for.

If not in Nashville – fear not! Find a park, grab some crackers, cheese and your favorite wine, and get outside! Oh, and don’t forget… you’ll probably need something to keep that wine chilled. Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered with our Hendrix collection of wine carriers.

Go on then; start making picnic plans now. We certainly are.

  1. Art Crawls.

Nashville’s First Saturday Art Crawl carries on year-round, but there’s something about non-Arctic temperatures and longer days that make us actually want to leave the comfort of our heated homes and venture outside our front doors in the name of a little wine and art.

  1. Blue.







We’re chasing away the winter blues with a different kind of blue. Blue is the color this spring, and we’ve got a collection featuring just that: Caleb. With just the right amount of authentic, rugged character and a pop of chambray liner to take things up a notch, the Caleb Collection is the perfect way to transition into spring. Go ahead, treat yourself to a “congratulations, you just survived another winter” gift.

Check out our Pinterest board of Spring Things 2015 for a little spring inspiration!

Ruggedly Sophisticated February 25 2015, 0 Comments


Rugged sophistication? Who is that guy, exactly?

He’s a balanced blend of contradictions.

He’s just as passionate debating international policy as he is debating his Fantasy Football league. He has a favorite go-to beer, but he’s not afraid to order a cocktail on a classy night out with his lady. He knows when to take himself seriously and when to kick back and let loose. He pulls off that tailored suit polish just as effortlessly as plaid, jeans, and that bit of day-old scruff. He is just as comfortable alone in a boat on a clear lake as he is arguing his point in a crowded board meeting. His iTunes library showcases both Southern rock jam bands and mellow jazz riffs. A gun case stands next to his book case, and he gives equal attention to both.

So who is that guy? That guy is Mathews. That guy is you.

Check out our Pinterest board for rugged sophistication style inspiration.