You Survived Another Monday

Congrats, man. You did it. You survived yet another Monday. Such a feat deserves a prize, so it’s time to reward yourself. May we offer some suggestions?


A Beer

Ah, a cold beer after a long day’s work… the epitome of a day’s perfect end. We’re super into local Nashville brews, like Yazoo, Jackalope, and Fat Bottom.

Whatever beer you favor, now’s the time to pop the top, take a sip, and savor your victory over Monday.


A Netflix Binge

Maybe not a binge, because we know you’re a busy guy who can’t afford to lose an entire day to TV. But why not grab that cold beer and lose yourself in another world for an hour? If you haven’t caught up on House of Cards yet, now’s your chance. (We basically want to be Kevin Spacey.)


A Drive

When was the last time you drove for the pure pleasure of it? A while, huh? It’s hard to beat a leisurely drive down a winding road with your favorite tunes playing and the sun shining. Take a break from the go, go, go of a hectic life and just go for a worry-free drive.


A New Briefcase

Mondays can beat you up. You know what else is beat up? That cheap faux-leather bag you bought without thought for work. Treat yourself right by investing in a bag that will last and look good, like our new Caleb Single Messenger Bag. With the right combination of rugged, authentic character, it’s the perfect way to treat yourself to an “I totally just OWNED Monday” gift.


A Book 

Too often when we have busy schedules, the first thing to go is some quality reading time. Reclaim your joy of the written word by treating yourself to some uninterrupted book (or Nook!) time. Not sure which books deserve your time? Check out the New York Times’ Book section


A Trip

To Europe, maybe? Okay, so maybe this one’s a bit of a splurge, but don’t you deserve a getaway after the kind of Monday you had? Answer: yes. If the thought of Prosecco and pasta isn’t enough to convince you to book that ticket to Rome, then maybe a reminder that the euro has fallen to an exchange rate of $1.06 will be the deciding factor. Now’s your chance to take advantage of Europe’s not-so-hot economy. Book the ticket! Do it, do it! Peer pressure!

So go ahead, take our advice and celebrate the fact that for another week, Monday is over.

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