You Look Good March 26 2015, 0 Comments

You look good. 

You keep up with the trends. You own the staples. You think through your outfit each morning. You know that a first impression is everything and that how you present yourself to the world matters.

Shouldn’t your bag reflect this?

Introducing the Mathews Commuter Bag, a slick briefcase made from shrunken Spanish hides, soaked and air-dried to create a completely unique look. The leather is ecologically tanned using acacia extracts – a natural tannin free of chromium or heavy metals. The bag features a gorgeous front luggage lock, adding to its aesthetic appeal. Aside from holding your laptop and/or iPad, the multi-functional bag zips completely open for use as a portfolio case for presentations.

You look good. It’s time your bag did, too. That’s where the Mathews Commuter Bag comes in.