You Need This: Vizard Seasoning

Recently at our sample sale, we were introduced to a delicious season salt made by some dear friends and BOCONI supporters, Ross and Brooke Vizard. Would it be too dramatic to label a mere seasoning salt as life-changing? Because I’m going to dare to make that claim: this mild Cajun seasoning salt is straight-up life-changing.

If interested in ordering the Nashville-made Vizard Seasoning, please contact Ross at, call 318.341.2496 or visit their Etsy shop. Supplies are limited, so order some while you can!

Below we’re sharing with you this fantastic (and easy!) recipe from our very own Connie Williams. She made it for the sample sale and it was a huge hit, especially among the BOCONI staff.

Asian Pasta Salad Appetizer with Vizard Seasoning
















1 Fresh Tortellini package

1 Grape Tomato package

Ginger Sesame Salad Dressing

Vizard Seasoning

Plastic shot glasses



1. Cook tortellini as directed, drain.

2. Combine Tortellini and dressing, enough to wet but not soak.

3. Refrigerate overnight.

4. Place 1 tortellini and 1 tomato in shot glass. Top with a small splash of extra dressing and sprinkle with Vizard Seasoning.

5. Enjoy!

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