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Free Ground Shipping On All Orders Over $100
Free Ground Shipping On All Orders Over $100
Free Ground Shipping On All Orders Over $100
Free Ground Shipping On All Orders Over $100
Free Ground Shipping On All Orders Over $100

Music City Mural Tour - Part 2

Explore The Gulch with recommendations from BOCONI founders and staff. This area is located just one mile from downtown Broadway and it's the vibe-y heart of Nashville's social scene. The...

Nashville - Your next stop on our Music City Mural Tour is one of the newest, happening spots in our booming hometown: The Gulch. This area is located just one mile from downtown Broadway, a carved-out little niche district between Downtown & Midtown (West End)'s the vibe-y heart of Nashville's social scene. Keep your eye out for celebrities! Taylor Swift recently took photos with fans in the area.

The Icon Garage is a great place to park (the first hour is free). Before you get your picture with the murals you may want to start the day in the most Nashville way possible...with brunch! Stop into Biscuit Love (316 11th Ave S) for delicious, you guessed it, biscuits! Of course, you can also grab a great Bloody Mary, Mimosa, or cup of coffee. Since Biscuit Love uses local vendors you'll get an authentic taste of Tennessee. 

Once you're done with brunch you can walk one block north to the side of Taziki's (230 11th Ave S) for a tourist favorite - Kelsey Montague's "What Lifts You" mural. It's one of Nashville's most popular murals so expect to wait in line for this one. The mural features two sets of wings, one big and one miniature, perfect for getting a picture solo or with your best friend!

Once you're done with "What Lifts You", keep heading North on 11th avenue about half a block. On the opposite side of the street you'll see two big murals side by side. On the right side, you'll see Ian Ross's teal & green mural. 

On the left side of the parking lot, you'll find Jason Woodside's multicolor mural and one of the "Lego Man" murals (more are scattered throughout the city).

When you're finished getting your pictures with the murals of The is when the fun really starts. You should stay and check out the many restaurants, rooftop bars, and shops. Just two blocks from the murals is an eclectic shop called Two Old Hippies (401 12th Ave S). Stop in for unique gifts, books, musical instruments, clothing, and home decor. Across the street from that is The Turnip Truck (321 12th Ave S), which is not actually a truck but a local grocery store, complete with a juice bar. Stop in for a refreshing and healthy snack or drink. If you're ready for lunch, check out Burger Republic (420 11th Ave S). Their savory burger was named among the Top Ten Best Burgers in America by Trip Advisor. Another stop on this tour of The Gulch is a favorite of BOCONI founders Bobby & Connie - L.A. Jackson (401 11th Ave S). To get to L.A. Jackson head into The Thompson Hotel and take the elevator to the top floor. Grab a craft cocktail while you enjoy an amazing view of Nashville. When you're ready for dinner you also have to check out 404 Kitchen (507 12th Ave S) for farm-to-table meets fine dining.

There's tons to do in The Gulch and we encourage you to do some exploring of your own. Leave a comment and let us know what you thought of our recommendations. Then, check back in the coming weeks for Part 3 of our Music City Mural Tour. 

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