Privacy Made Simple - GDPR

There's a new privacy policy called GDPR and it made us realize that all our customers should be able to easily understand how and why we collect customer information.

Here's the plain and simple version of our privacy policy:

  • When you enter your email address via the pop-up or during checkout, unless you uncheck the box that says "Keep me up to date on news and exclusive offers", we will email you special offers and promotions. You'll love them, we send you savings and we don't crowd your inbox because we only send out emails a few times a month. However; you can unsubscribe at any time.


  • Personal information you enter into our website (Name, Address, Telephone #) is stored for the sole purpose of serving you, our customer. We use the information to get you your products, contact you about any issues, and to keep track of your order


  • has a valid security ticket to protect your credit card information. We never see your credit card information. We collect payments through and Pay Pal, further credit card security questions should be directed to those platforms.


  • When you visit our site we use cookies so that our advertisements can be directed to you in the future. Sorry to be a creeper but it's just always so nice when you stop by!


  • We never sell your information to any third party companies!


  • When you follow or interact with us on social media, your privacy is handled by that platform and you will need to refer to their privacy policy for more information


Please keep in mind we are not lawyers and suggest that if you have any questions about how we use your data you navigate away from our page, disable cookies on your internet browser, do not enter any personal information, or read the Full Privacy Policy

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