Behind The Boconi Brand August 26 2014, 1 Comment

So…here is the voice of “coni” of Boconi!

Blogging for the first time! It’s a miracle since I don’t blog or even read many blogs. I am a busy mom, wife and partner in an amazing business, but spend very little time on technology.

Our Boconi staff has asked me to take time to blog on our site and impart my love of family, friends, cooking, travel, gardening, pets, fitness, volunteering, etc… thinking that our customers would enjoy and relate to my life in some way! That may be true, but I can’t start this blogging journey without embracing the staff who makes the Boconi company tick! 

Our staff are part of our family.  Truly!  How blessed are we?

There is no way Boconi would be what it is without Jackie, Sherry & Andrea!  It is an honor to have them a part of our company! Their loyalty, integrity and work ethic is amazing and trust me, you will feel it in every piece of Boconi product!  Their caring, loving spirit goes into everything we produce. That’s how blessed we are!

So…thank you Boconi staff for asking me to take on this blogging journey!  It has given me a chance to thank you for all you do!

Now, our customers know how much you mean to the Boconi brand!

That’s how much you mean to Bo & Coni!!!!!!