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Ruggedly Sophisticated February 25 2015, 0 Comments


Rugged sophistication? Who is that guy, exactly?

He’s a balanced blend of contradictions.

He’s just as passionate debating international policy as he is debating his Fantasy Football league. He has a favorite go-to beer, but he’s not afraid to order a cocktail on a classy night out with his lady. He knows when to take himself seriously and when to kick back and let loose. He pulls off that tailored suit polish just as effortlessly as plaid, jeans, and that bit of day-old scruff. He is just as comfortable alone in a boat on a clear lake as he is arguing his point in a crowded board meeting. His iTunes library showcases both Southern rock jam bands and mellow jazz riffs. A gun case stands next to his book case, and he gives equal attention to both.

So who is that guy? That guy is Mathews. That guy is you.

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